Wholesome KIND Bars: Cranberry Almond, Gluten-Free Health Nibbles, Dozen Pack

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Seeking a health-conscious snack that’s as delicious as it is nutritious? Unearth the irresistible taste of KIND Bars in Cranberry Almond variety. Gluten-free and chock full of natural ingredients, this dozen pack is ideal for those dedicated to maintaining a well-balanced diet.
As savoury as it is healthy, KIND Bars present a desirable solution for those in search of guilt-free snacking. The Cranberry Almond variety combines the sweet-tart edge of cranberries with the rich, nutty flavour of almonds, creating a balanced bite to please the palate. Being gluten-free makes these bars a brilliant choice for individuals with specific dietary needs or anyone striving for a healthier lifestyle.

Every bar is packed with wholesome goodness to satisfy your hunger and nourish your body. A dozen of these bars means you’re always equipped with a smart snack option, whether you’re on the run or just looking for a quick pick-me-up at home. Embrace the kindness of nature with KIND Bars, where taste and nutrition harmoniously coexist.

Q: Are these KIND Bars gluten-free?
A: Absolutely, our Cranberry Almond KIND Bars are completely gluten-free.

Q: How many bars come in one pack?
A: You’ll receive a dozen – that’s 12 KIND Bars in each pack.

Q: What flavours are in these KIND Bars?
A: The bars are a delicious mix of tart cranberries and nutty almonds.

Q: Are KIND Bars suitable for a healthy diet?
A: Indeed, they are. These bars are made from natural ingredients, offering a nutritious snack option.


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