Whole Wheat Raspberry Fig Bars by Natures Bakery – 12 Pack, 2oz Each

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Nibble on something healthy and scrumptious, like the Whole Wheat Raspberry Fig Bars from Natures Bakery. In this 12 pack, each bar weighs 2oz and is crammed full of nutritious goodness.
Immerse yourself in the wholesome deliciousness of Natures Bakery’s Whole Wheat Raspberry Fig Bars. Enclosed in this 12-pack are bars that capture the essence of nature’s bounty. Each piece, weighing 2 ounces, is a heavenly blend of whole wheat and sweet, ripe raspberries, mixed with the subtle, earthy taste of figs.

Indulge guilt-free in these bars as they’re crafted from whole wheat, delivering the necessary fibre for your daily nutrition. The inclusion of raspberry gives a burst of sweet, tangy delight that complements the robust flavour of figs.

This isn’t just about taste; it’s about nutritional value as well. Whole wheat is a trusted source of essential nutrients, and when coupled with figs and raspberries, the health benefits multiply. Figs provide calcium and fibre, while raspberries add a touch of vitamin C to the mix.

Relish this delectable treat on-the-go, or enjoy it leisurely at home. It’s suitable for all, from busy professionals seeking a quick nutritious bite to parents desiring a healthy snack for their children. Natures Bakery Whole Wheat Raspberry Fig Bars make an excellent addition to any pantry.
Q: Is the product made with real raspberries and figs?
A: Absolutely! The Whole Wheat Raspberry Fig Bars from Natures Bakery use real raspberries and figs, providing natural sweetness and a host of nutritional benefits.

Q: How many bars come in one pack?
A: This product comes in a pack of 12. Each bar weighs 2 ounces, perfect for a quick snack or addition to a meal.

Q: Can I incorporate these bars into a healthy diet?
A: Indeed, these bars are crafted from whole wheat and filled with real fruits, which are beneficial for a balanced diet. They provide fibre from whole wheat and figs, vitamin C from raspberries, and natural sweetness, making them a healthy choice.


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