Variety Pack of Individually Wrapped Cookies – Bulk Sampler

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Unearth a diverse selection of wrapped cookies. This bulk assortment offers a taste journey, perfect for those who cherish variety.
Individually wrapped cookies have always been a favourite for many, ensuring freshness and flavour with each bite. Our assortment presents a unique compilation of these delights. Ideal for gifting, sharing or indulging alone, the versatility of this package addresses the palate of every cookie enthusiast. The benefits of choosing our pack include:

Variety: From classic choc chip to intriguing red velvet, there’s something for everyone.
Freshness: Each cookie is sealed individually, retaining its crispness and taste.
Convenience: Whether for an afternoon snack or a treat on the go, these cookies are just right.

The diverse nature of this assortment can cater to multiple occasions, from casual get-togethers to more formal gatherings.
Q: Do the cookies contain any allergens?
A: Yes, some cookies might contain common allergens like nuts, dairy or wheat. Always check the packaging for specific information.

Q: How many different types of cookies are in the pack?
A: The pack features a range of cookie types, but the exact number can vary based on availability.

Q: Can I select the cookie flavours I want?
A: The pack is pre-assorted, so specific flavour selection isn’t possible. However, the variety ensures a delightful experience with each pack.

Q: Are the cookies suitable for vegetarians?
A: Most of the cookies are vegetarian-friendly, but always check individual packaging for specific details.


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