Uncover the Secrets of Callebaut No 811 Finest Belgian Dark Chocolate Callets 54.5% – 2.5Kg?

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Introducing Callebaut No 811, a chocolate experience like no other. Originating in Belgium, these dark chocolate callets boast a cacao content of 54.5%, striking a balance between sweetness and cocoa bitterness. Known for its premium quality, this couverture is favoured by connoisseurs and chefs alike.
Callebaut No 811 is a representation of superior Belgian chocolate craftmanship. With a rich, complex flavour profile, these dark chocolate callets are versatile, finding use in baking, cooking, and direct consumption. Possessing a smooth texture and a glossy finish, this chocolate couverture melts seamlessly, making it a preferred choice for culinary creations. The 2.5Kg packaging ensures you’ve got ample quantity for those chocolate cravings or culinary experiments.
Q: What makes Callebaut No 811 stand out?
A: It’s the balanced blend of sweetness and cocoa bitterness, alongside a smooth texture, that sets it apart. Favoured by chefs, it’s versatile for cooking, baking, and direct consumption.

Q: Is Callebaut No 811 suitable for cooking and baking?
A: Absolutely, its smooth texture and melting properties make it an ideal choice for a variety of culinary applications.

Q: Where does Callebaut No 811 originate?
A: This premium chocolate couverture hails from Belgium, known for its quality chocolate products.


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