The Cravory’s Gourmet Lemon Bar Biscuits: 6 Individually Wrapped 2.0 oz. Pieces

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Lemon, sweet and tangy, conjures memories of summer treats. The Cravory brings this delight to your doorstep with their gourmet Lemon Bar Biscuits. Each 2.0 oz. biscuit, individually wrapped, ensures a fresh bite of indulgence.
Many have a penchant for desserts that strike a balance between sweet and citrusy. The Cravory’s Lemon Bar Biscuits fit the bill. Not just any biscuit, these are gourmet creations. They blend the refreshing zest of lemon with the rich taste of a baked treat, all in a 2.0 oz. serving. Individually wrapped, each biscuit is a promise of freshness and quality. Whether you’re treating yourself after a long day or looking for the perfect gift, these biscuits are a top choice. Their rich texture and tangy aftertaste leave an impression that lingers, prompting many to reach for another. And why not? When a biscuit is this good, it’s hard to stop at just one.
Q: How many biscuits are in each package?
A: There are 6 biscuits in each package.

Q: Are these biscuits individually wrapped?
A: Yes, every biscuit is individually wrapped to ensure freshness.

Q: Can I gift The Cravory’s Lemon Bar Biscuits?
A: Absolutely! Their gourmet nature and individual wrapping make them a splendid gift choice.

Q: What size is each biscuit?
A: Each biscuit is 2.0 oz.


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