Tate’s Bake Shop Mini Chocolate Chip Biscuits 1 oz

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Discover the delightful crunch and rich flavour of Tate’s Bake Shop’s mini chocolate chip biscuits. These treats, weighing in at 1 oz, present a combination of quality and taste hard to resist.

Originating from Tate’s Bake Shop, these mini chocolate chip biscuits offer a unique taste experience. Perfectly balanced between sweet and crispy, every bite takes one on a flavourful journey. Not too heavy on the palate, these 1 oz biscuits cater to those who appreciate subtlety with a dash of richness. Perfect for snacking, these biscuits might become your next favourite treat.

Q: Where are these mini chocolate chip biscuits from?
A: They’re from Tate’s Bake Shop.

Q: What’s the weight of each packet?
A: Each packet weighs 1 oz.

Q: Are these biscuits more crunchy or chewy?
A: They offer a delightful crunch with every bite.

Q: Can I pair these with other snacks or beverages?
A: Absolutely! They pair wonderfully with milk, tea, or coffee.


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