Tate’s Bake Shop Gluten-Free Lemon Cookies | 4 Bags

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Indulge in the zesty delight of Tate’s Bake Shop Lemon Cookies. Crafted with precision, these gluten-free treats offer a tantalising bite for those with dietary preferences or requirements.

For those on the lookout for an indulgence that complements a gluten-free diet, Tate’s Bake Shop presents their Lemon Cookies. Each pack represents the brand’s commitment to quality, taste, and health.

Consistent in their dedication to meet dietary needs without compromising on flavour, these cookies are a testament to the fact that gluten-free doesn’t mean taste-free. The subtle tang of lemon, combined with the classic crunch that Tate’s is known for, results in a snack that’s not just a treat, but an experience.

Included in this offer are four 7 oz bags. That means ample supply for those moments when only a cookie will do. Ideal for sharing with friends, or enjoying solo, these Lemon Cookies promise a bite that’s hard to resist.

**Q:** Are these cookies made in a facility that also processes nuts?
**A:** This product might be processed in a facility that handles nuts, so always check the packaging for specific allergen information.

Q: How long can I store these cookies?
A: For optimal freshness, consume them before the expiration date on the packaging.

Q: Are there any artificial flavours or preservatives?
A: Tate’s Bake Shop is known for its natural ingredients. However, it’s advisable to check the ingredient list for any specific concerns.


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