Tate’s Bake Shop Cookie Assortment: Mint & Classic Chocolate Chip

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Tate’s Bake Shop offers a delightful twist on your favourite classic treats. Dive into a world where mint meets traditional chocolate chip, all bundled in one cookie assortment. Uncover the fusion of flavours that sets Tate’s apart from the rest.
**The cookie connoisseur knows the allure of a perfectly baked treat. Tate’s Bake Shop, renowned for its delectable baked goods, introduces an assortment that captures two distinct flavours. The Mint Chocolate Chip offers a refreshing, cool burst paired with decadent chocolate chips. On the other hand, the Classic Chocolate Chip remains a nostalgic indulgence, bringing back memories of homely bakes.

But what makes this assortment unique? It’s the commitment to quality and taste that Tate’s upholds. Each 4-7 oz bag promises an adventure for your taste buds. Whether you’re looking for a twist on the classic or hoping to reminisce about familiar flavours, this pack has got you covered. Dive deep into the layers of each cookie, and let the fusion of mint and chocolate tantalise your senses.
Q: What flavours are included in Tate’s Bake Shop Cookie Assortment?
A: The assortment includes Mint Chocolate Chip and Classic Chocolate Chip.

Q: How is the Mint Chocolate Chip different from other cookies?
A: The Mint Chocolate Chip offers a refreshing mint flavour paired with decadent chocolate chips, making it stand out.

Q: What size bags do these cookies come in?
A: The cookies come in 4-7 oz bags.

Q: Are these cookies suitable for those who love classic flavours?
A: Absolutely! The pack includes the Classic Chocolate Chip, which brings nostalgic memories of homely bakes.


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