Stonewall Kitchen Pancake Mix Set: Farmhouse & Chocolate Chip – What’s Inside?

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Dive into the delightful world of Stonewall Kitchen with a detailed look into their signature pancake mix set: the Farmhouse Pancake Mix and the Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix. This set promises a delightful breakfast experience.

Stonewall Kitchen, renowned for its commitment to quality and taste, offers a unique set that combines the rustic charm of Farmhouse Pancakes with the sweet indulgence of Chocolate Chip Pancakes.

Each set contains:

Farmhouse Pancake Mix (16 oz): Crafted for those who enjoy a traditional breakfast, this mix ensures fluffy and light pancakes every time. The mix boasts of a fine blend of ingredients that uphold the farmhouse standard of quality and flavor.
Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix (16 oz): A treat for those with a sweet tooth. This mix contains rich chocolate chips that melt into the batter, offering a delightful contrast to the classic pancake taste.

To get the most out of your pancake experience, follow the preparation instructions on the packet. Both mixes are versatile, allowing for additions and variations based on individual preferences.

**Q:** What sizes do the Stonewall Kitchen Pancake Mixes come in within this set?
**A:** The set includes two 16 oz mixes: the Farmhouse Pancake Mix and the Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix.

Q: Can I add additional ingredients to the mixes?
A: Absolutely! Both mixes are versatile, allowing for various additions based on individual preferences.

Q: Are there any allergens present in these mixes?
A: For specific allergen information, it’s best to consult the packaging or contact Stonewall Kitchen directly.


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