Specialty Treat Shop™ Crème Brulee Middles: Peanut & Nut Free 12-Pack

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Discover the delicate taste of Crème Brulee Middles from our Specialty Treat Shop™. Crafted with care, these baked goodies are an assurance for those seeking peanut and nut-free delights.

The Specialty Treat Shop™ is renowned for its unique offerings. Among them, the Crème Brulee Middles stand out. These baked cookies captivate with their creamy heart and a crispy exterior, reminiscent of the beloved Crème Brulee dessert. The texture, combined with the flavour, makes them a favourite.

But what sets them further apart is their commitment to safety. These cookies are made in a facility that’s both peanut and nut-free, addressing concerns for those with severe allergies. Whether it’s for you, a loved one, or simply as a gift, these 12-packs are sure to impress, offering both taste and peace of mind.

Q: Are the Crème Brulee Middles cookies safe for those with nut allergies?
A: Absolutely. They’re made in a dedicated peanut and nut-free facility, ensuring safety for those with allergies.

Q: How many cookies come in one pack?
A: Each pack contains 12 delicious Crème Brulee Middles cookies.

Q: Can I gift these cookies?
A: Certainly! Their premium taste and safety assurance make them a thoughtful gift for anyone, especially those who are conscious about nut allergies.


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