Royal Dansk Danish Butter Cookie Tin 24 Oz

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Renowned worldwide, Royal Dansk presents its exquisite Danish Butter Cookies in a classic tin. These treats are synonymous with quality and tradition.
Originating from Denmark, Royal Dansk Butter Cookies have established a name for themselves as premium quality cookies. Each tin houses a selection of cookies, each with its distinct texture and taste. Whether enjoyed with a cuppa or shared among friends, they have been favourites for years. Their durable tin not only keeps the cookies fresh but also serves as a keepsake, reminding many of moments past.
Q: What’s the weight of the Royal Dansk Cookie Tin?
A: It’s 24 ounces.
Q: Are these cookies made with real butter?
A: Yes, they are crafted with genuine butter, enhancing their taste and texture.
Q: Can I reuse the tin once the cookies are finished?
A: Absolutely! The tin is durable and can be used for storing items or as a decorative piece.


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