Review: Maccabee Belgian-Chocolate Hanukkah Gelt Coins – Are They Worth It?

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Maccabee brings to the table a delectable treat for Hanukkah. Packaged in a beautiful gift pack, their Belgian-chocolate Hanukkah gelt coins aren’t just delicious; they come with a promise of being kosher and nut-free. With 60 large coins distributed across 8 gift packs, it’s a generous offering. But are they as delightful as they sound? Let’s find out.

Maccabee has always been a name synonymous with quality, especially when it comes to festive offerings. Hanukkah, a festival known for lights and miracles, has its own traditions, and one such tradition is the gifting and consumption of gelt coins. These coins, traditionally made of chocolate, symbolise the miracles of Hanukkah and serve as a reminder of the festivities.

The Belgian-chocolate used by Maccabee ensures a rich and creamy texture. Unlike some chocolate coins that have a waxy feel, these melt in the mouth. The kosher tag reaffirms the authenticity and adherence to dietary standards. Being nut-free makes it a safe option for those with allergies, broadening its appeal.

The gift pack presentation adds another layer of attractiveness. With 8 individual gift packs containing a total of 60 large coins, it serves as a perfect gift for loved ones or for personal consumption during the festival. Each coin embodies the spirit of Hanukkah, with engravings that reflect the festival’s rich history.

While the product has a lot going for it, individual preferences might vary. It’s crucial to consider personal tastes before investing in a pack.

Q: What kind of chocolate is used in the Maccabee gelt coins?
A: Maccabee uses Belgian-chocolate for their gelt coins, ensuring a rich and creamy texture.

Q: Are these coins suitable for individuals with nut allergies?
A: Yes, these gelt coins are nut-free, making them safe for those with allergies.

Q: How many coins are there in one gift pack?
A: Each gift pack contains 60 large coins, and the entire set offers 8 gift packs.

Q: Is the chocolate used in the coins kosher?
A: Yes, the Maccabee Belgian-chocolate Hanukkah gelt coins are kosher.


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