Review: Cadbury Heroes & Roses Chocolate Tub – Which Is Better?

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Two of Cadbury’s iconic chocolate selections, Heroes and Roses, come together in a 600g tub, providing a delightful assortment of flavours. But which chocolates within the collection reign supreme? Let’s dive into a comprehensive review.
The Cadbury brand, iconic in Australia and globally, boasts of a rich chocolatey heritage that many have grown up with. Within their range, the Heroes and Roses selections have stood out as favourites for countless chocoholics. The 600g tub offers an array of both these selections, making it a go-to for celebrations, gifts, or indulgent nights in.

Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect:

Heroes: Originally introduced to celebrate Cadbury’s vast array of chocolates, Heroes comprises miniature versions of popular chocolates. From Dairy Milk and Twirl to Eclairs, there’s a hero for everyone.
Roses: A collection that has been around for decades, Roses offers individually wrapped chocolates, each with its unique flavour. From the classic Hazel Whirl to the refreshing Strawberry Dream, it’s a selection that has stood the test of taste and time.

Choosing between Heroes and Roses can be akin to picking a favourite child. Each selection has its standout chocolates and its fond memories. Yet, when combined in a single tub, it’s an experience that’s hard to beat.
Q: Which chocolates are included in the Cadbury Heroes selection?
A: The Heroes collection comprises miniature versions of popular chocolates like Dairy Milk, Twirl, and Eclairs, among others.

Q: How long has the Roses selection been available?
A: The Roses selection has been a favourite for decades, offering a range of individually wrapped chocolates.

Q: Is the 600g tub a combination of both Heroes and Roses?
A: Yes, the 600g tub offers an assortment of chocolates from both the Heroes and Roses selections.

Q: Which selection is more popular in Australia: Heroes or Roses?
A: Both selections have their loyal fan base, and their popularity often depends on individual tastes and preferences.


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