Pepperidge Farm Verona Strawberry Cookies – 6.75-ounce Pack

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Indulge in the delicate balance of biscuit and fruit. Dive into Pepperidge Farm’s signature Verona Strawberry Cookies, perfectly packaged in a 6.75-ounce bag. Explore the intricate taste profile of these gourmet treats and find out what makes them a favourite choice for many.

Pepperidge Farm is renowned for crafting gourmet biscuits, and the Verona Strawberry variety stands out in their assortment. These cookies capture the essence of ripe strawberries nestled between two delicate biscuits, offering an exquisite taste experience. Whether you’re looking for a sweet midday treat or a perfect accompaniment to your evening cuppa, Verona Strawberry Cookies promise indulgence in every bite.

Beyond the taste, the 6.75-ounce bag ensures freshness, retaining the cookie’s crispness and the fruit’s vibrant flavour. Pepperidge Farm’s commitment to quality ingredients shines through in this product, with no compromises on flavour and texture.

Q: What flavours are prominent in the Verona Strawberry Cookies?
A: The dominant flavour is ripe strawberries, complemented by the delicate biscuit.

Q: How is the packaging beneficial for the cookies?
A: The 6.75-ounce bag ensures the cookies remain fresh, retaining their crispness and the strawberry’s vibrant flavour.

Q: Can these be paired with beverages?
A: Absolutely! They’re perfect alongside a hot beverage like tea or coffee, enhancing the overall tasting experience.


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