OREOiD Cookies: White Chocolate & Sprinkle Sandwich Delight

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Experience the fusion of rich chocolate sandwich biscuits paired with creamy white chocolate and a touch of sprinkle. Dive into the unique taste sensation of OREOiD’s latest offering and see why it’s not just a cookie – it’s an experience.

The OREOiD Cookie Collection introduces a novel variant: the White Chocolate & Sprinkle Sandwich Cookie. Not every biscuit can claim the harmonious balance between the robust flavour of chocolate and the subtle sweetness of white chocolate, rounded off with playful sprinkles.

What sets these cookies apart? It’s the meticulous attention to detail and the combination of flavours. Every bite provides an experience: the initial crunch of the biscuit, followed by the melt-in-your-mouth sensation of white chocolate, and finally, the delightful surprise of sprinkles. OREOiD has outdone itself with this creation, ensuring every cookie lover finds a new favourite in their range.

Q: What’s unique about the OREOiD White Chocolate & Sprinkle Sandwich Cookie?
A: It masterfully combines the robustness of chocolate with the sweetness of white chocolate, topped off with fun sprinkles, offering a multi-layered taste experience.

Q: How does the flavour profile differ from classic OREOiD cookies?
A: While retaining the signature chocolate sandwich base, this variant introduces creamy white chocolate and the playful texture of sprinkles, providing a refreshing twist.

Q: Can I gift the OREOiD Cookies Gift Box?
A: Absolutely! It’s a perfect gift for those who love indulging in gourmet biscuit experiences. The blend of flavours and textures make it a standout present for any occasion.


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