OREO Variety Pack: Original, Golden, Double Stuf & Thins – 56 Snack Packs

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Delight in the diverse assortment of OREO delights. From the classic original to the light and crisp Thins, this collection showcases the finest from OREO. A wonderful indulgence for every cookie lover.
The OREO brand has been synonymous with mouth-watering cookies known worldwide. This variety pack introduces four beloved versions. The original OREO, with its rich chocolate cookie and creamy centre, holds a special place in many hearts. The Golden OREO offers a buttery, vanilla twist to the traditional recipe. For those who can’t resist the middle, OREO Double Stuf gives double the cream. Lastly, for a light treat, OREO Thins provides a delicate crunch with the same beloved flavour. Whether you’re having a quiet moment or sharing with friends, there’s an OREO for every occasion in this pack.
Q: How many different OREO types are in the pack?
A: There are four: Original, Golden, Double Stuf, and Thins.

Q: How many snack packs are in this collection?
A: There are 56 snack packs in total.

Q: Are OREO Thins lighter than the original?
A: Yes, OREO Thins are more delicate and offer a crispier texture compared to the original.


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