OREO Mini Chocolate Biscuits: What’s in a 12-Pack Go-Pak?

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Experience the delightful taste of OREO Mini Chocolate Sandwich Biscuits in a handy, portable Go-Pak. Perfect for a treat on the move or to share with mates, dive into the details of what a 12-pack Go-Pak offers.

The OREO Mini Chocolate Sandwich Biscuits Go-Pak is a delightful ensemble of bite-sized treats. Each pack contains twelve 3.5 oz portions, designed for convenience. Whether it’s a spontaneous outing or a planned gathering, these Go-Paks ensure that your favourite biscuit is always within arm’s reach. With the classic taste of OREO in a mini version, these are perfect for snacking or to pop in your bag for later.

Q: How many biscuits are in each 3.5 oz Go-Pak?
A: The exact number can vary based on the size of the biscuit, but each 3.5 oz Go-Pak is designed to provide a satisfying portion for snacking.

Q: Can I find the OREO Mini Chocolate Sandwich Biscuits in larger packs?
A: Yes, OREO offers a variety of pack sizes for their biscuits, catering to different needs. Always check your local stores or online retailers for availability.

Q: Are the Go-Paks resealable?
A: Go-Paks are designed for convenience and portability. While some might come with resealable features, it’s always best to check the specific packaging to be sure.


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