OREO Mega Stuf Choc Sandwich Biscuits: 8 Party Size Packs

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Dive into a world where indulgence meets perfection. Introducing OREO Mega Stuf Chocolate Sandwich Biscuits in party size packs – an Australian’s dream treat.

OREO, a name synonymous with delightful treats, presents its Mega Stuf Chocolate Sandwich Biscuits. Made for those who believe more is more, these biscuits boast an abundant creamy centre sandwiched between two rich chocolate biscuits. Ideal for gatherings, celebrations, or simply satisfying a sweet craving, the party size packs ensure there’s more than enough to share. Whether enjoyed with a glass of milk, as a dessert complement, or on their own, these OREO biscuits elevate any snacking moment.

Q: How many packs are there in this offer?
A: The offer includes 8 party size packs.

Q: What’s the weight of each pack?
A: Each pack weighs approximately 1 lb 9.35 oz.

Q: Are these biscuits different from regular OREOs?
A: Yes, these are the Mega Stuf variant, which means they have an extra generous amount of the creamy centre.

Q: Are they suitable for parties and gatherings?
A: Absolutely, they’re designed as party size packs, making them ideal for larger groups.


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