OREO Golden Family Size Sandwich Biscuits: 12 Packs

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Discover the delightful taste of OREO’s Golden Sandwich Biscuits, now available in a family size for everyone to enjoy. With 12 packs in each purchase, indulgence is just an unseal away.
OREO, a household name synonymous with delectable sandwich biscuits, presents its Golden Sandwich Biscuits in an enticing family size. These aren’t your ordinary biscuits; they’re a creamy, crunchy testament to OREO’s long-standing tradition of culinary excellence. Each pack brings forth the familiar pleasure of biting into an OREO, with a delightful twist. Whether for a family gathering, a snack on the go, or a quiet moment of relaxation, these biscuits are your golden ticket to joy.
Q: How many packs are included in a purchase?
A: You get 12 packs with each purchase.

Q: Are these similar to the classic OREO flavour?
A: They offer a unique golden twist, but still deliver the OREO quality and taste you adore.

Q: Are these suitable for large gatherings?
A: Absolutely! The family size ensures there’s plenty to go around.


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