OREO Chocolate Sandwich Biscuits: 25.5 oz Party Pack

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Featuring the iconic taste everyone knows and loves, OREO’s Chocolate Sandwich Biscuits are here in a generous 25.5 oz party pack. Dive into this delightful treat, perfect for gatherings and snacking.
Undeniably, OREO has cemented its position in the heart of biscuit enthusiasts. With its rich creamy filling sandwiched between two deliciously crisp chocolate biscuits, every bite is a nostalgic journey of flavour and crunch. Now, in this bounteous 25.5 oz pack, there’s more to love and share. Whether you’re planning a gathering, looking for a dessert foundation, or just want to indulge, this party pack caters to every occasion.

So, what makes OREO stand out? It’s a combination of its taste and versatility. Savoured by itself, paired with milk, or even crumbled as a dessert topping, its adaptability is commendable. This party pack aims to ensure you never run short during those memorable moments.
Q: How many biscuits approximately are in the 25.5 oz party pack?
A: The exact number can vary based on the weight of individual biscuits, but it offers a generous amount perfect for gatherings.

Q: Can these biscuits be used for recipes?
A: Absolutely! OREO biscuits are versatile and can be crumbled as a dessert topping or used in various recipes.

Q: What’s the best way to store the biscuits after opening?
A: It’s recommended to store them in an airtight container to maintain freshness.

Q: Are there any allergens in the biscuits?
A: Always check the packaging for specific allergen information, but they typically contain wheat and milk products.


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