Oreo Chocolate Biscuits Party Size: 8 Packs of 25.5 oz

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Australia’s favourite treat just got bigger! Dive into the delightful world of Oreo Chocolate Biscuits, now available in a generous party size. Experience more of what you love with eight sizable packs, each filled with 25.5 oz of pure indulgence.

The Oreo biscuit has long been a household name in Australian homes. From a quick snack after school to a staple at family gatherings, its delicious chocolate flavour paired with the iconic creamy centre never fails to hit the mark. Understanding the love Aussies have for this biscuit, Oreo introduces the new Party Size pack.

Each pack within this deal brims with 25.5 oz of biscuits, making it ideal for those larger gatherings or simply ensuring your pantry’s stocked up for a while. Whether you’re dunking them in milk, incorporating them into desserts, or savouring them on their own, there’s no denying the universal appeal of this treat.

The Party Size offering not only delivers more biscuit for your buck but also ensures freshness with each individually packed bundle. They remain crisp, delicious, and ready to be enjoyed. So, why wait? Dive into this decadent offering today.

Q: How many packs do you get in the Party Size deal?
A: You receive eight packs in the Party Size deal.

Q: What’s the weight of each pack?
A: Each pack weighs 25.5 oz.

Q: Are these biscuits different from the regular Oreo biscuits?
A: No, they are the same classic Oreo chocolate biscuits but in a larger quantity for your enjoyment.

Q: Can these be used in recipes or just for snacking?
A: Absolutely! They’re perfect for both snacking and incorporating into various dessert recipes.


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