OREO Choc Bikkie Sandwiches: 30 Snack Packs of 1.59 oz

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Introducing the classic taste Australians love: OREO Chocolate Bikkie Sandwiches. Dive into this guide and discover more about these delightful treats.
Famed for their iconic combination of rich chocolate biscuit and velvety cream filling, OREO’s have won hearts globally. In the Land Down Under, they’ve been reimagined as ‘Choc Bikkie Sandwiches’. Now available in convenient 1.59 oz snack packs, they’re perfect for on-the-go snacking or sharing with mates. Each pack ensures the freshness and crunchiness that OREO enthusiasts crave. Whether it’s a lunchbox surprise, a mid-arvo bite, or an accompaniment to your cuppa, these bikkies are bound to satisfy your choc cravings.
Q: How many snack packs are in each order?
A: Each order contains 30 snack packs.

Q: What’s the weight of each individual snack pack?
A: Every snack pack weighs 1.59 oz.

Q: Are they ideal for taking to school or work?
A: Yes, these snack packs are perfect for lunchboxes or a quick snack during break times.

Q: Is the flavour different in Australia?
A: The iconic OREO taste remains consistent, but they’re lovingly referred to as ‘Choc Bikkie Sandwiches’ Down Under.


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