OREO, CHIPS AHOY!, Nutter Butter & More – 40 Variety Pack of Sweets

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Explore a world of flavours with our curated selection of cookies and candies. Featuring renowned brands like OREO, CHIPS AHOY!, Nutter Butter, SOUR PATCH KIDS, and SWEDISH FISH, this variety pack ensures satisfaction for all taste preferences. Ideal for diverse snack needs, you’ll discover something delightful in each pack.
Indulge in the delightful tastes and textures of your favourite brands. This variety pack includes:

1. **OREO** – The classic cookie that needs no introduction. Crunchy and creamy, it’s a timeless favourite.
2. **CHIPS AHOY!** – Delight in the real chocolate chips packed into each bite.
3. **Nutter Butter** – Experience the rich taste of peanut butter in a crisp, delicious cookie.
4. **SOUR PATCH KIDS** – Pucker up for a tangy treat that surprises and delights.
5. **SWEDISH FISH** – Dive into the sweet, chewy texture and fruit flavour that’s uniquely satisfying.

Whether it’s a school lunch or a quick treat, this 40-pack variety ensures there’s something for everyone. With such a vast selection, the joy of sharing becomes even more meaningful.
Q: What’s included in the 40-pack variety?
A: It includes OREO, CHIPS AHOY!, Nutter Butter, SOUR PATCH KIDS, and SWEDISH FISH.

Q: Can I buy these individually?
A: The variety pack is specially curated, but some products might be available individually at certain retailers.

Q: Are there any allergens in these snacks?
A: Please refer to the packaging for specific allergen information, as it may vary between products.


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