Nutri-Grain Breakfast Bars Whole Grains & Pringles Crisps Chips Variety Packs for Children

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Explore a world of flavourful and nutritious variety with our Nutri-Grain Whole Grain Breakfast Bars and Pringles Crisps Chips packs. An ideal fit for youngsters who crave a tasty and fulfilling snack, this combo of wholesome bars and irresistible chips, comes in a large pack to cater to all tastes and preferences.
When it comes to providing your children with a snack that’s not just delicious but also wholesome, Nutri-Grain Whole Grain Breakfast Bars steal the show. Baked to perfection, these bars are a bountiful source of whole grains and come in diverse flavours to ensure there’s something for everyone. This pack contains four boxes with a total of 32 bars – a hearty snack solution for your children.

On the other side, we have Pringles Potato Crisps Chips. Known for their signature crunch, these chips are a beloved snack, offering a fun-filled eating experience. This pack provides you with a generous 19.3oz box filled with 27 cups of varied chip flavours. Indulge your children’s love for chips with this comprehensive variety pack.

Together, the Nutri-Grain Whole Grain Breakfast Bars and Pringles Crisps Chips Variety Packs create a delightful snacking duo that children can’t resist.
Q: What types of flavours are included in the Nutri-Grain Whole Grain Breakfast Bars?
A: The flavours within the pack vary, providing a delightful array of tastes.

Q: How many servings does the Pringles Crisps Chips pack contain?
A: The pack includes 27 cups, offering multiple servings for snack times.

Q: Are Nutri-Grain Breakfast Bars suitable for children with specific dietary needs?
A: Nutri-Grain Breakfast Bars are made with whole grains but it’s best to review the nutritional information for any specific dietary requirements.

Q: Can these snacks be included in my child’s lunchbox?
A: Yes, both Nutri-Grain Whole Grain Breakfast Bars and Pringles Crisps Chips are conveniently packaged and perfect for lunchboxes.


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