Nourishing 18080 Kind Healthy Grains Bar, Oats Honey with Toasted Coconut, 1.2 oz in a 12/Box Pack

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Delight in the taste of wholesome sustenance. The 18080 Kind Healthy Grains Bar presents a delightful blend of oats and honey with the exotic touch of toasted coconut. Each bar, 1.2 oz in weight, is conveniently packed in a box of 12 for your sustained nourishment.
Indulge in the all-natural goodness of 18080 Kind Healthy Grains Bar. Our blend of oats, honey, and toasted coconut offers an appetising fusion of flavours that not only satisfy your cravings but also provide essential nutrients. We ensure that each 1.2 oz bar comes full of whole grains for fibre, sweet honey for a dash of natural sweetness, and toasted coconut for that added crunch and unique flavour. With 12 bars in a box, it’s easy to keep these healthy treats within reach for when you need a pick-me-up during the day.
Q: What flavours are in the 18080 Kind Healthy Grains Bar?
A: The bar features a delightful blend of oats, honey, and toasted coconut for a balanced and pleasing taste.

Q: How many bars are in a box?
A: You’ll receive 12 bars in each box, each bar weighing 1.2 oz.

Q: Are these bars a good source of fibre?
A: Absolutely, the bars contain whole grains which are known for their high fibre content.

Q: Is there added sugar in these bars?
A: The sweetness in these bars primarily comes from the natural honey used in the recipe.


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