Newton’s Whole Grain Wheat Soft & Chewy Fig Cookies – 10oz Packs

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Embrace a tasty treat from Newton’s! Crafted with 100% whole grain wheat, these soft and fruit chewy fig cookies come in convenient 10 oz packs. Combining health and flavour, they offer a delightful snacking experience.
Newton’s whole grain wheat fig cookies are not only sumptuous but also nutritious. Made with all-natural ingredients, each 10 oz pack is filled with chewy fig goodness.

Whole Grain Wheat: A rich source of dietary fiber, making the cookies a healthy option.
Chewy Fig: Adding a fruity twist to the taste.
10 oz Packs: Perfect for on-the-go snacking or lunch boxes.

Whether you’re looking for a snack for yourself or something to share with friends and family, Newton’s fig cookies are the perfect option. They’re available at leading grocery stores and online markets.
Q: What are the main ingredients in Newton’s whole grain wheat fig cookies?
A: The main ingredients include 100% whole grain wheat and chewy figs.

Q: Can I find these cookies at any local store?
A: Most leading grocery stores and online markets stock Newton’s fig cookies.

Q: Are these cookies suitable for vegetarians?
A: Yes, they are suitable for vegetarians.

Q: What size do the packs come in?
A: The cookies are available in 10 oz packs.


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