Mum’s Genuine Circus Animal Biscuits: 20 Packs, 20 Ounce

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Dive into the authentic taste of Mum’s Circus Animal Biscuits. Presented in a 20-pack bundle, each with a hearty 20 ounces, these treats transport your taste buds to the heart of classic carnival vibes. Perfect for those with a hankering for nostalgia.

Every Aussie has memories tied to classic snacks, and Mum’s Circus Animal Biscuits are no exception. Packed in 20 individual packets, each weighing a solid 20 ounces, they offer the ideal serving for snacking or sharing. Their vibrant colours and iconic shapes not only excite the eyes but also rekindle memories of old school circuses.

But it’s not just about the aesthetics. These biscuits have the authentic taste we all remember and love, perfect for adults and kids alike. Whether you’re relishing them during your afternoon tea, sharing with mates, or introducing the next generation to these classics, they remain an all-time favourite.

Ingredients like genuine Aussie butter and sugar ensure the rich flavour. The delightful combination of the biscuit’s crunch with the sweet coat is bound to make your mouth water. But remember, enjoy responsibly! They’re addictive.

Q: What’s the weight of each packet?
A: Each packet weighs 20 ounces.

Q: How many packets are in each bundle?
A: Each bundle contains 20 packets.

Q: Are these biscuits made with genuine Australian ingredients?
A: Yes, they include authentic Aussie butter and sugar.

Q: Can I buy these in smaller packets?
A: Currently, they are available in 20-ounce packets within the bundle.

Q: Are they suitable for all age groups?
A: Absolutely! Both adults and kids relish the iconic taste.


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