**MONÉGASQUE Gold & Pink Edible Glitter: Suitable for Drinks & Desserts?

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Elevate your culinary creations with MONÉGASQUE’s Gold and Pink Luster Dust. Whether it’s a shimmering drink or a captivating dessert, this edible glitter can transform ordinary into extraordinary. Not merely an aesthetic addition, this 2x15g pack, suitable for cake decorating and choc, is a must-have for every creative kitchen.

MONÉGASQUE’s edible glitter dust in Gold & Pink is a game-changer in the world of culinary arts. With a penchant for luxury, many chefs and home bakers alike have turned to this luster dust to enhance their creations. Its application isn’t limited to just cakes; it extends to chocolates, drinks, and more.

The composition ensures safety and taste. While it adds an elegant shimmer, it doesn’t interfere with the flavour. Moreover, its texture is fine, making it blend seamlessly with the dishes. The twin pack ensures you have enough for multiple uses, allowing experimentation and repeated applications.


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