MOCAFÉ Azteca Doro 1519: What’s Special About This Mexican Spiced Ground Chocolate?

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Dive into the world of authentic flavours with MOCAFÉ’s Azteca Doro 1519 – a unique Mexican Spiced Ground Chocolate packed in a 3 Pound Tin. This isn’t your average chocolate; it brings the rich heritage of Mexican spices and the unmistakable legacy of the Aztecs to your cup.

Chocolate has long been intertwined with Mexico’s history. The Aztecs held it in high regard, and their love for a spiced cocoa drink paved the way for what we recognise today as hot chocolate. MOCAFÉ’s Azteca Doro 1519 pays homage to this tradition.

Presented in a sturdy 3 Pound Tin, this ground chocolate promises a flavourful journey. A hint of spice, a touch of tradition, and the comfort of chocolate combine to offer a delightful experience. Ideal for those who love to experiment with unique beverages or are simply looking for a different twist on their usual chocolate fix.


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