McVitie’s Gluten-Free Hobnobs Original – 150g Pack

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Love biscuits that satisfy taste buds without gluten? Discover McVitie’s Gluten-Free Hobnobs Original. These unique, oaty biscuits are designed for those who avoid gluten without compromising on flavour or crunch.
McVitie’s Gluten-Free Hobnobs Original are the answer for biscuit enthusiasts who require a gluten-free option. The signature taste of Hobnobs, now made without gluten, ensures that everyone can enjoy this delightful treat. Crafted with care, these Hobnobs retain the classic flavour and crunch, appealing to all biscuit lovers.

**Ingredients and Nutritional Information:**
The ingredients consist of certified gluten-free oats, vegetable oil, sugar, and more. The nutritional information reveals a balanced amount of energy, fat, and carbohydrates, suitable for most dietary needs.

**How to Enjoy:**
Whether paired with a hot beverage or enjoyed alone, these biscuits are perfect for various occasions. Ideal for picnics, gatherings, or a daily treat, McVitie’s Gluten-Free Hobnobs offer an enjoyable experience.

**Where to Purchase:**
Find McVitie’s Gluten-Free Hobnobs Original at supermarkets and online retailers near you.
Q: Are McVitie’s Gluten-Free Hobnobs suitable for those with Coeliac disease?
A: Yes, these biscuits are designed specifically for those avoiding gluten, making them suitable for people with Coeliac disease.

Q: What’s the difference in taste between the original Hobnobs and the gluten-free version?
A: While there might be slight variations in texture, McVitie’s has worked to ensure that the gluten-free version retains the classic Hobnobs taste.

Q: Can I find these biscuits in all supermarkets?
A: Most major supermarkets and online retailers stock McVitie’s Gluten-Free Hobnobs Original. Availability might vary by location.

Q: Is there any other variety available in the gluten-free range?
A: McVitie’s offers various flavours and options in the gluten-free range. Contact your local retailer for more information.


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