Loacker Quadratini Blueberry-Yogurt Wafers: Pack of 6 with 4 Creamy Layers

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Indulge in the exquisite taste of Loacker Quadratini Blueberry-Yogurt bite-size wafers. A pack of six promises you crispy delight with its four creamy layers of finesse.
Loacker, a name synonymous with quality wafers, brings you the Quadratini Blueberry-Yogurt variant. Each bite-sized piece is a fusion of crispy wafer and creamy filling, offering a tantalising burst of blueberry and yogurt. Packaged in a generous set of six, these wafers ensure that you’re well-stocked for those moments of sweet cravings. With four distinct layers of creaminess, it’s not just a treat; it’s an experience.
Q: What flavour is the creamy filling in these wafers?
A: The creamy filling is a blend of blueberry and yogurt.

Q: How many packs are there in the set?
A: There’s a set of six packs.

Q: Are there multiple layers in each wafer?
A: Yes, each wafer features four creamy layers of finesse.


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