Lenny & Larry’s Crunchy Double Chocolate Cookie – Vegan 6g Plant Protein 4.25oz

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**Unveiling Lenny & Larry’s unique blend, presenting a crunchy double chocolate delight, packed with 6g of wholesome plant protein. Free from GMOs and fully vegan, this 4.25-ounce pouch offers indulgence without compromise.

**Delight your taste buds with Lenny & Larry’s Crunchy Double Chocolate Cookie. Perfect for those with discerning palettes and a penchant for healthier choices. Not only does each bite bring a rich, chocolaty experience, but it also serves as a source of 6g of plant-based protein. Vegan enthusiasts and those keen on avoiding GMOs can rejoice, as this treat ticks all the right boxes. Whether it’s a midday snack or a dessert after dinner, this 4.25-ounce pouch is set to satisfy cravings, all while aligning with nutritional goals.

Q: Is the Lenny & Larry’s Crunchy Double Chocolate Cookie vegan?
A: Yes, it’s 100% vegan.

Q: How much protein is in each pouch?
A: Each pouch contains 6g of plant-based protein.

Q: Does this cookie contain any GMOs?
A: No, it’s free from GMOs.

Q: What’s the weight of one pouch?
A: One pouch weighs 4.25 ounces.


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