Kinnikinnick Animal Biscuits: Gluten, Wheat & Dairy Free 8oz

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Discover Kinnikinnick’s approach to a healthier snack option – the Animal Biscuits. Free from gluten, wheat, and dairy, these tasty treats redefine what’s possible in the world of free-from foods.

Kinnikinnick, renowned for its innovative food solutions, presents their delectable Animal Biscuits. A testament to quality and taste, these biscuits ensure that dietary restrictions don’t translate to dull and bland snacks. Gluten, wheat, and dairy – ingredients that some individuals opt or need to avoid – are absent from these biscuits, yet flavour is not compromised. Dive into the particulars of these sumptuous snacks and uncover why they’re a top choice for many.

Q: What are the primary ingredients of Kinnikinnick’s Animal Biscuits?
A: The primary ingredients ensure the biscuits are free from gluten, wheat, and dairy. For a detailed list, it’s best to refer to the packaging or the manufacturer’s website.

Q: Can these biscuits be part of a vegan diet?
A: While they’re dairy-free, other ingredients might not be vegan-friendly. Always check the packaging for specifics.

Q: How does Kinnikinnick maintain flavour without typical ingredients?
A: Kinnikinnick uses innovative food science and high-quality substitutes to guarantee taste isn’t lost when removing certain ingredients.


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