Jovial Organic Einkorn Checkerboard Biscuits: Fair Trade, High Protein

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Dive into the world of Jovial’s organic einkorn biscuits. Crafted with all-natural ingredients, these checkerboard delights not only boast a high protein content but also proudly display a Fair Trade certification. These aren’t your typical biscuits; they’re a testament to quality and ethical sourcing.

Einkorn, often revered as the most ancient grain, is taking modern biscuit recipes by storm, especially when hailing from organic sources. Jovial harnesses the wholesome goodness of this grain to produce biscuits with a unique twist – a captivating checkerboard pattern.

Not only are they visually appealing, but these biscuits also raise the bar when it comes to nutrition. With a generous protein content, they’re the perfect snack for those seeking a healthy boost. Furthermore, Jovial ensures every ingredient is all-natural, ensuring no nasty surprises in your treat.

The cherry on top? These biscuits bear the Fair Trade Certified seal. This means every bite supports responsible sourcing and fair wages for the hands that crafted them.

Q: What is the primary grain used in Jovial’s checkerboard biscuits?
A: The primary grain is einkorn, often considered the most ancient grain.

Q: Are all ingredients in these biscuits natural?
A: Yes, Jovial uses only all-natural ingredients in these biscuits.

Q: Why should consumers consider Fair Trade Certified products?
A: Fair Trade Certification ensures responsible sourcing and provides fair wages to producers, making it an ethical choice for consumers.


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