Is Theo Chocolate Mint Organic Dark Chocolate 70% Cacao Vegan & Fair Trade?

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Unwrap the richness of Theo Chocolate Mint. Boasting 70% cacao, this vegan, fair-trade chocolate captures the essence of mint and offers a delightful taste experience. Whether you’re a devoted chocolate aficionado or seeking healthier indulgence, this organic delight is worth exploring.

The world of chocolate has seen immense evolution over the years, with artisan and ethical brands stepping into the spotlight. Theo’s Chocolate Mint Organic Dark Chocolate Bar, with its 70% cacao content, stands as a testament to that evolution. Being vegan means that it doesn’t contain any animal-derived ingredients, making it a choice for those conscious of their dietary choices.

Fair Trade, on the other hand, ensures that the farmers and workers involved in its production are paid fair wages and work under ethical conditions. By choosing this bar, you’re not just satiating your taste buds but also making a socially responsible choice.

But what about the flavour? Mint and chocolate have always been a winning combination. The fresh coolness of mint perfectly complements the deep, rich flavours of dark chocolate. And with a cacao content of 70%, you can be sure of an intense chocolate experience.


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