Is the CLIF BAR Chocolate Chip with Organic Oats Non-GMO and Plant Based?

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Energise yourself with the CLIF BAR, a scrumptious Chocolate Chip flavour crafted from Organic Oats. This plant-based treat is not just delicious, but also ensures a Non-GMO experience. Weighing in at 2.4 oz, it’s your ideal partner for a quick burst of energy.

CLIF BAR stands out in the energy bar market, specifically with its Chocolate Chip variant. It’s not just the mouth-watering flavour that makes it a favourite, but the quality of ingredients used. Organic Oats are a primary component, offering wholesome energy to consumers. Moreover, there’s a growing concern amongst Aussies and global citizens alike about genetically modified organisms (GMOs). With this CLIF BAR, those worries can be put to rest, as it boasts a Non-GMO badge. Furthermore, it’s plant-based, making it suitable for individuals looking for vegan energy options.

One might wonder why opt for this energy bar when there’s a plethora of options available? The answer lies in its authenticity and commitment to providing a genuine energy source without compromising on taste or health. Each bar, at 2.4 oz, ensures you get a sizable portion to fuel your day. Whether you’re out on a trek, hitting the gym, or just looking for a midday pick-me-up, the CLIF BAR Chocolate Chip with Organic Oats should be your go-to choice.

Q: Does the CLIF BAR Chocolate Chip contain any GMOs?
A: No, the CLIF BAR Chocolate Chip is Non-GMO.

Q: Is this bar suitable for vegans?
A: Yes, the CLIF BAR Chocolate Chip is plant-based, making it an excellent choice for vegans.

Q: What’s the primary source of energy in the bar?
A: The primary source of energy is Organic Oats.

Q: How heavy is each bar?
A: Each bar weighs 2.4 oz.


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