Is Kelloggs Krave Double Chocolate Brownie Batter the Ultimate Kids Snack?

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Kelloggs, a well-known brand in the world of cereals, has taken a leap into the world of indulgence with their Krave Cold Breakfast Cereal. Specifically, the Double Chocolate Brownie Batter variant. At a generous 6.5lb, it promises to deliver a taste sensation. But is it the ultimate kids snack?

Diving into the heart of breakfast cereals, Kelloggs has always been a front-runner, known for their innovative flavours and commitment to quality. The Krave series, particularly the Double Chocolate Brownie Batter, is no different. Housed in a 6.5lb package, it’s not just about quantity but also quality.

What makes it stand out is the double chocolate. It’s not just any chocolate; it’s brownie batter, a flavour adored by many. Now, imagine that in your morning cereal. The crunch from the cereal combined with the rich taste of brownie batter makes it an experience rather than just a meal.

But it’s labelled as a kids snack, which leads to the question: Is it too indulgent for morning consumption? Or is it just the perfect treat to kickstart a day?

Kids are known to be picky eaters, and often, it’s a challenge to find something they’d love that isn’t loaded with unhealthy sugars and additives. Kelloggs Krave seems to strike a balance, offering taste without compromising too much on the health aspect.

Q: What flavour does Kelloggs Krave Double Chocolate Brownie Batter offer?
A: It offers a rich double chocolate flavour infused with brownie batter.

Q: How large is the packaging for this cereal?
A: It comes in a 6.5lb package.

Q: Is the cereal aimed primarily at kids?
A: Yes, it’s labelled as a kids snack, but adults can enjoy it too.

Q: Does it serve as a breakfast cereal or just a snack?
A: While it’s a cold breakfast cereal, its rich taste also makes it a great snack option.


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