Is Kelloggs Krave Cold Cereal in Double Chocolate Brownie Batter Flavour the Best Kid’s Snack?

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Kelloggs Krave, a renowned name in the breakfast cereal market, offers a tantalising taste experience for those who crave a chocolate indulgence. With its Double Chocolate Brownie Batter flavour, the question arises – does this 6.5lb cereal pack deliver as a top kid’s snack choice?

Kelloggs, a brand synonymous with morning meals, continuously ventures into creating delightful flavours that not only cater to the breakfast rush but also serve as perfect anytime snacks for kids. The Double Chocolate Brownie Batter flavour of Kelloggs Krave is a testament to this. Weighing in at 6.5lb, this cereal is generously filled with chocolatey goodness, making it a potential favourite for kids.

The key features of this cereal include:

Double Chocolate Intensity: Each bite promises a burst of rich brownie and chocolate flavour, replicating the taste of an authentic brownie batter.
Versatility: While primarily a breakfast cereal, its taste and crunch make it a go-to snack for kids throughout the day.
Generous Packaging: The 6.5lb pack ensures there’s plenty to go around, whether it’s for a single kid’s snack or a family breakfast session.

Q: What flavour does Kelloggs Krave’s cereal offer in this pack?
A: The flavour offered is Double Chocolate Brownie Batter.

Q: Is this cereal solely for breakfast?
A: While it’s a breakfast cereal, its rich flavour and crunchiness make it a favoured snack for kids anytime.

Q: How much does one pack weigh?
A: One pack of Kelloggs Krave in this flavour weighs 6.5lb.

Q: Can it serve as a family breakfast option?
A: Absolutely! With a generous 6.5lb packaging, it’s ideal for family breakfast sessions.


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