HERSHEYS KISSES Milk Chocolate: Gluten-Free Wedding Candy in Bulk?

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HERSHEYS KISSES Milk Chocolate represents a timeless treat known and loved worldwide. This unique offering now comes gluten-free and is specially packaged for weddings. Dive into the details to discover more.

HERSHEYS KISSES has been an iconic treat for many years. Their classic milk chocolate delights are not only a favourite for everyday snacking but also for special occasions. Recently, a 48 oz bulk bag tailored for wedding events has garnered attention. One of the standout features of this offering is its gluten-free composition, catering to those with specific dietary requirements. Such a feature ensures everyone can enjoy the sweet moments without concern.

Moreover, the individually wrapped design ensures that each piece remains fresh and is easy to distribute amongst guests. The signature foil wrapping, combined with the quality of the chocolate, makes it a favoured choice for wedding favours or as part of a dessert table.

Q: Is the HERSHEYS KISSES Milk Chocolate in the 48 oz bag gluten-free?
A: Yes, this specific offering of HERSHEYS KISSES Milk Chocolate is gluten-free.

Q: Are these chocolates individually wrapped?
A: Absolutely, each chocolate is individually wrapped ensuring freshness and easy distribution.

Q: Can these be used as wedding favours?
A: Certainly, given their elegant packaging and quality, many choose them as wedding favours or for inclusion in dessert tables.


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