Heaton Pecans: Oven Roasted vs. Chocolate Covered – Which Is Better?

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Experience the delightful world of Heaton Pecans with a two-way gift tin that showcases the exquisite taste of oven-roasted, salted pecans and the indulgent pleasure of chocolate-covered pecans. Both pecan varieties have their unique appeal, setting the stage for a gourmet journey you won’t soon forget.

The Heaton Pecans gift tin offers an opportunity to dive deep into the universe of gourmet pecans. For those with a penchant for the classic, the oven-roasted and salted pecans offer a crunch and flavour reminiscent of festive seasons and warm family gatherings. Their rich, buttery flavour coupled with a hint of salt makes them an all-time favourite.

On the other hand, the chocolate-covered pecans are a treat for the senses. Draped in luscious chocolate, these pecans meld the nutty crunch with smooth, creamy chocolate to produce a taste sensation that’s second to none. It’s an indulgence that beckons with every bite, making it hard to resist.


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