Grandma’s Cookies Assorted Collection: 30 Types

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Take a bite into nostalgia with Grandma’s Cookies. This assorted collection showcases a blend of classic flavours sure to transport your tastebuds back to yesteryears.

Grandma’s Cookies aren’t just any ordinary biscuits. Each cookie narrates a story of traditional baking, unmatched passion, and ingredients passed down through generations. Within this pack, you’ll find an assortment of 30 diverse cookie types. From the classic chocolate chip and oatmeal to the exotic macadamia and coconut delights, there’s a cookie for every craving. Dive deep into each distinct flavour and rediscover the essence of home-baked goodness. Whether you’re enjoying them alongside a cuppa or sharing with mates, every cookie promises a treat that’s hard to resist.

Q: What flavours can I expect in this collection?
A: The collection features a wide range, including classic chocolate chip, oatmeal, macadamia, coconut, and many more.

Q: Are these cookies handmade?
A: Yes, every cookie is crafted following traditional methods, encapsulating the warmth and authenticity of Grandma’s kitchen.

Q: Suitable for folks with dietary requirements?
A: While the cookies contain traditional ingredients, always check the label for specifics before consumption, especially if you’ve dietary restrictions.


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