GoMacro Kids MacroBar: Four Flavour Assortment (0.90oz Bars, 28 Pack)

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Introducing the exciting range of GoMacro Kids MacroBars, available in a selection of four delightful flavours. Each pack brings together 28 scrumptious bars, each weighing 0.90 ounces. Ideal for nourishing children on the go, these bars are a convenient and healthy snack option.
GoMacro Kids MacroBars are crafted with premium ingredients, ensuring taste and quality that kids love. The assortment provides four unique flavours, appealing to different taste preferences. Whether it’s a lunchbox treat or an after-school snack, these bars are designed to cater to your children’s nutritional needs.

Flavour One: Rich and creamy, suitable for those who love a classic taste.
Flavour Two: Fruity and tangy, perfect for an adventurous palate.
Flavour Three: Nutty and satisfying, great for a wholesome snack.
Flavour Four: Sweet and salty, an exciting combination that pleases all taste buds.

These MacroBars are not just tasty but also packed with nutrients. Conveniently packaged, they are easy to carry and make for the perfect children’s snack.
Q: What are the flavours in the GoMacro Kids MacroBar assortment?
A: The assortment includes four exciting flavours, designed to cater to different taste preferences.

Q: How many bars are there in a pack?
A: Each pack consists of 28 bars, each weighing 0.90 ounces.

Q: Are these bars suitable for children’s lunchboxes?
A: Yes, the GoMacro Kids MacroBars are an ideal addition to children’s lunchboxes, offering both taste and nutrition.

Q: Where can I purchase the GoMacro Kids MacroBar Four Flavour Assortment?
A: You can find this product at various retail stores and online platforms that carry GoMacro products.


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