Godiva Chocolatier Assorted Truffles: Gold Ribbon Classic Gold Ballotin 105-Pieces?

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Indulge in the finest selection of Godiva Chocolatier’s truffles presented in a classic gold ballotin box adorned with a gold ribbon. Unravel 105 pieces of delightful, creamy chocolate truffles that promise a burst of flavours and rich texture in every bite.

Godiva, a brand synonymous with luxury, has been crafting premium chocolates since 1926. This signature ballotin box is an epitome of Godiva’s commitment to excellence. Each truffle inside is an ode to chocolate craftsmanship. From velvety ganaches to nutty pralines, every piece in this 105-piece set is made to tantalise your taste buds. The gold ribbon is not just an aesthetic touch but symbolises the premium quality and grandeur of the chocolates inside. Ideal for gifting or personal indulgence, this box is a gateway to the world of luxurious chocolates. The ingredients used are of the highest quality, ensuring that every bite is an unforgettable experience. When you think of gifting the very best, think of Godiva’s Gold Ribbon Classic Gold Ballotin.

Q: What flavours can one expect in the Godiva Gold Ballotin?
A: The assortment includes a range of flavours, from velvety ganaches to nutty pralines, each meticulously crafted to perfection.

Q: Is the packaging suitable for gifting?
A: Absolutely. The classic gold ballotin box adorned with a gold ribbon makes it an ideal choice for special occasions or as a thoughtful gesture.

Q: How many pieces does the box contain?
A: The box contains a lavish spread of 105 assorted chocolate truffles.


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