Gluten Free OREO Variety: Original & Double Stuf Packs

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Indulge in a taste sensation with OREO’s Gluten Free selection. Whether you’re after the classic original or the indulgent double stuf, this pack offers an unmatched treat for every palate.

The iconic OREO biscuit has been a favourite for many over the years. Now, with an increasing demand for gluten-free options, OREO has catered to this need by introducing its Gluten Free variety pack. Within this package, consumers will find the much-loved original OREO as well as the double stuf, which boasts double the creamy filling.

Perfect for those with gluten sensitivities or anyone keen to try a new twist on a classic, these biscuits maintain the high-quality taste OREO is renowned for. Each pack ensures the same level of crunch and creaminess that fans adore.

Additionally, the packaging is convenient for various occasions. Whether you’re packing a lunch or seeking a treat on-the-go, the OREO Gluten Free variety pack is your go-to option.

Q: What flavours are included in the OREO Gluten Free variety pack?
A: The pack includes the classic original and the double stuf flavours.

Q: Are these OREO biscuits suitable for those with gluten allergies?
A: Yes, these biscuits are specifically made gluten-free for those with sensitivities.

Q: Is there any difference in taste between the regular OREO and the gluten-free version?
A: OREO has ensured the same high-quality taste in their gluten-free biscuits as in their regular ones.


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