GAMESA Surtido Rico: A Taste of Unique 15.4oz Cookies

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Delve into the world of GAMESA’s delightful flavours. Surtido Rico brings to the plate a medley of distinctive cookie tastes, each promising to tantalise the taste buds.
GAMESA, known for its exquisite range of snacks, offers the Surtido Rico – a mix of cookies that embody authenticity and taste. Each bite is a revelation, a rich fusion of flavours and textures. From the crispy to the creamy, Surtido Rico promises an unparalleled experience for cookie enthusiasts. These cookies aren’t just a treat; they’re an exploration of culinary craft. Whether it’s a quiet moment alone or shared with loved ones, every 15.4-ounce pack is an invitation to indulge.
Q: What’s the standout feature of the GAMESA Surtido Rico?
A: The Surtido Rico boasts a diverse mix of cookies, each with its unique taste and texture, encapsulated in a 15.4-ounce pack.

Q: Is there a signature flavour in the Surtido Rico pack?
A: Every cookie has its charm, making the entire pack a delightful ensemble without a single overshadowing flavour.

Q: Suitable for which occasions?
A: Perfect for solo treats, family gatherings, or even as a thoughtful gift.


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