Experience Stash Tea’s Decaf Chocolate Hazelnut Black Tea?

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Indulge in the rich harmony of chocolate and hazelnut, all encapsulated in a decaf black tea offering. Presented by Stash Tea, this particular blend offers the perfect fusion of taste without the added caffeine, making it a delightful pick for any tea lover.

Stash Tea has long been known for crafting unique and tantalising blends of tea. With their Decaf Chocolate Hazelnut Black Tea, they’ve yet again created a masterpiece. Each tea bag promises a velvety blend of sweet chocolate and nutty hazelnut, perfectly complemented by the robustness of black tea. Moreover, with the absence of caffeine, it’s a treat that can be savoured any time, even just before bed. The convenience of having 100 tea bags in a box ensures you’ve got enough to share with friends or to indulge in a cuppa whenever the mood strikes.

Q: Does this tea contain any artificial flavourings?
A: Stash Tea prides itself on natural ingredients, ensuring authentic flavours.

Q: How is the caffeine removed from this black tea?
A: The decaffeination process typically uses water or carbon dioxide to retain the tea’s natural flavour while removing caffeine.

Q: Can I use more than one tea bag for a stronger flavour?
A: Absolutely, adjusting the number of tea bags lets you customise the strength to your preference.


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