Empty Marble Designed Chocolate Box – 9-piece Tray: What’s Unique?

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When it comes to presenting chocolates, presentation is paramount. The Tiny Triangle Truffle Boxes showcase an elegant marble design, equipped with a 9-piece plastic tray insert, offering not just storage, but a customizable gifting experience.

Chocolate is often a go-to gift for many occasions, but the presentation can elevate it from a simple treat to a luxury gift. The Empty Marble Designed Chocolate Box ensures that your chocolates are presented in the most elegant manner possible.

Crafted with precision, these boxes come with a 9-piece plastic tray insert. This ensures each chocolate piece is held securely in place, avoiding unwanted movement and potential damage. Moreover, the marble design isn’t just eye-catching; it signifies a touch of class and luxury.

But that’s not where it stops. The ability to customize these truffle boxes adds another layer of personal touch. Whether it’s a special message or a unique design tweak, it can cater to various personal preferences, making it an ideal choice for those who value individuality in their gifts.

Q: Can I customise the design further than just a message?
A: Yes, while the base model offers an elegant marble design, there is room for further design customisations to meet unique requirements.

Q: Are the boxes sturdy enough for shipping?
A: Absolutely! The 9-piece plastic tray insert ensures that each chocolate is securely placed, reducing the chances of damage during transportation.

Q: Is there a minimum order requirement?
A: Order requirements may vary. It’s best to check with the supplier or manufacturer for specific details.

Q: Can I choose a different insert if I don’t want the 9-piece tray?
A: The standard offering is the 9-piece tray, but variations might be available upon request or from different suppliers.


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