Emmy’s Cookie Bite: Organic Coconut Mint Chocolate – 3.5oz

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Indulge in a delightful treat with Emmy’s Cookie Bite. A fusion of coconut, mint, and a luscious chocolate layer offers an organic experience in a 3.5-ounce packet.
Emmy’s Cookie Bite brings to your palate an exquisite combination of flavours. The lush coconut is complemented by the refreshing taste of mint, and both are beautifully enveloped by a generous layer of rich chocolate. This organic delicacy doesn’t just cater to your taste buds but also ensures you’re indulging healthily. The 3.5-ounce portion makes it perfect for those moments when you crave a bite of sweetness without going overboard.
Q: Is the product vegan-friendly?
A: Yes, Emmy’s Cookie Bite is organic and vegan-friendly.

Q: What’s the primary flavour profile?
A: Coconut and mint dominate, but it’s rounded off with a chocolate layer.

Q: How is the texture of the cookie?
A: It offers a balanced texture with the crunch of coconut and the smoothness of chocolate.

Q: Can I store it at room temperature?
A: For best results and to maintain freshness, it’s recommended to follow the storage instructions on the packet.


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