DOVE PROMISES Milk Chocolate Caramel Candy: What’s Inside the 14.2 oz Bag?

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Delight your taste buds with DOVE PROMISES Milk Chocolate Caramel Candy. Packed in a 14.2 oz bag, these individually wrapped treats are a luxurious twist on classic caramel chocolates.
DOVE, renowned for its exquisite chocolate offerings, presents the PROMISES Milk Chocolate Caramel Candy. Each piece within the 14.2 oz bag offers a perfect blend of silky milk chocolate encasing a luscious caramel centre. Individually wrapped, they ensure freshness and make it convenient for sharing or savouring solo. Whether it’s an after-meal treat or a midday indulgence, these candies capture the essence of rich, creamy delight with every bite.
Q: How many pieces are typically in the 14.2 oz bag of DOVE PROMISES Milk Chocolate Caramel Candy?
A: While the exact number might vary slightly based on the weight of individual chocolates, a 14.2 oz bag typically contains a generous serving, ensuring plenty for sharing or indulging over several occasions.


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