Designer Egg Protein Powder: Dutch Chocolate or Vanilla?

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When you think of premium wellness, the Designer Wellness Designer Egg Protein Powder undoubtedly comes to mind. Packed in 12.4 oz containers, this bundle offers two flavours: rich Dutch Chocolate and smooth Classic Vanilla.

Egg protein powder has long been celebrated for its high biological value, which means it provides a comprehensive amino acid profile. This Designer Wellness variant isn’t just about the protein, though. It’s a blend of taste and nutrition.

The Dutch Chocolate flavour tempts with its rich and creamy consistency, promising a taste experience akin to your favourite chocolate treat. On the other hand, the Classic Vanilla delivers a pure, comforting taste, reminiscent of a creamy vanilla dessert. Both these powders mix well with liquids, ensuring a smooth shake every time.

Choosing between Dutch Chocolate and Classic Vanilla is not just about the palate; it’s about what experience you want from your wellness journey. Whether you opt for one or both, this bundle guarantees top-tier quality and taste.

Q: What sizes does the Designer Egg Protein Powder come in?
A: The bundle contains two 12.4 oz containers, one each of Dutch Chocolate and Classic Vanilla.

Q: Can I mix these powders with water or milk?
A: Absolutely. Both flavours blend smoothly with liquids, giving you a lump-free shake.

Q: Is there a distinct taste difference between the two?
A: Yes, Dutch Chocolate offers a richer, creamier taste, while Classic Vanilla presents a pure and smooth flavour.


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